Aug 25, 2007
The bike I have is a 1998 Suzuki rm80 and when I first bought it,it had no piston.So I bought a nos piston kit and the bike ran fine for a while until the piston ring came out of the piston's slot and tore up the piston and the cylinder.So about a week ago I took the cylinder to a bike shop and they bored it out 1 size bigger and I bought a new piston and rings.

The bike was running okay but then I noticed it was emmiting alot of oil out of the exhast pipe where the pipe meets the silencer and I also noticed that if I ride for a while the bike starts spitting really bad and it'll shut off and it will only start back up if I wait a while and then it starts up and acts fine.The bike has always had a problem where it dosnt have as much power as it should.

For example I was told it should be powerfull enough to do a wheelie up to the 3rd gear yet I cant even get it to do one in 1st.Could theese problems be a result of a bad engine seal,spark problem or jetting problem?Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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