A Dead 200

Mar 23, 2001
I just got a new 2000 200 EXC on Wednesday. I rode it Wednesday and Thursday night to get it broke in then I went trial riding on Sunday and my motor died. It feels like something inside broke like a rode or maybe even suck in a reed because when I push down on the kick started it is very hard and something makes a clunk. Just wondering if anybody every had any problems that sound similar.


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Nov 8, 1999

I would be taking the mighty 200 back to the dealer I bought it from. This has got to be a warranty issue. To answer your question, I have never heard of this happening.
May 4, 2000
So, let us know what the friendly dealer had to say about the engine problem. Knowing how quickly they fix motorcycles, maybe they should give you the 380 back until the 200 is fixed.

I had a warranty claim on the front brake master cylinder on my 300 from this dealer and once they got the part, they replaced it pronto, but it was only a $10 seal and 1/ 2 of shop time. This will be a good test.

Mar 23, 2001
For those interested it was the lower rod bearing that went out. No cause, just one of those things, bad bearing maybe.