Back in the saddle and having a blast !
     BSwift has got to be the most awesome person at DW...  We had an issues on the way to DW and had to travel 750mi on three wheels instead of four. Bswift saw us pull in and right away was offering us help before we unloaded a bike.  His better half made sure we had the right parts to make a safe Journery home.

     RV6Junkie and the kids with him made DW03 an awesome experiance for my son Jared. (What an great group to pit with for a week) :thumb:

     The Vendors - They saved the day for me. Jared smoked a clutch on his KTM 50 on the first day - no parts to be found, but the KTM reps came through with a McGiver fix that worked awesome, The parts folks hooked him up with a set of tires to get him though the mud and bailed me out when I blew the packing out of my exhaust. They always seemed to have something to get us going again.

    Dr D for falling and signing a poster saying he couldn't believe I passed him. :yeehaw:  

    Okie and crew - for another great week !

I sure hope I can make DW04.... Who knows, maybe next year I'll be able to say I passed Cooper !!!!   Or most likely, my son will be able to say he passed me...
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Aug 31, 2000
Agreed. He and Tony make Dirtweek work.
And the Spodewash was great this year too! :thumb:


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Jan 8, 2000
Thank YOU Steve!

Without a doubt, you and your crew raised the riding level of Connor, Zach, Stacie and Adam. I don't think we could have camped with a better group. I had a blast riding with you guys and look forward to future rides.

Connor and Zach had a great time with Jared and I can see all them banging bars long into the future.
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