May 31, 2000
Ok here is the situation. I took a hard spill over the weekend. When I got up I thought my bars were thrashed but after a further look I noticed they were not bent & it was my forks & triple clamp. I loosend up the clamp rotated the forks back to what I could eyeball as good. Nothing seems bent. I am just conserned as how professionals align the forks & the triple clamp. The bike is riding just fine should I worry? Could I screw my front hub if I am not in perfect alignment? Thanks--Jeff

Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
Just unbind everything.. But don't worry your fine.. I would losen all bolts and realign everything. I'll post directions when I get back to my desktop.


Oct 19, 2000
So Jer i guess having a buddy kick your front wheel straight after a fall is not a good idea?:eek: :)

Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
LOL... You do what you have to!

The long awaited..

Hey this is plagerising!!!



The correct installation of the front forks is essential to proper suspension operation.

1. Put bike on a stand that will enable front tire to be off the ground.
2. Install forks in triple clamps, ensure that both forks are the same height in the triple clamps (refer to your owners manual for the correct dimension). Also make sure that the bleed screws are towards the front, this will make bleeding the air from your forks easier.
3. Tighten each bolt (in an alternating fashion) in the top clamps to 280 inlbs.
4. Tighten the lower clamp pinch bolts to 220 inlbs. (Over tightening of the lower pinch bolts may result in a mid-stroke harshness condition).
5. Install front wheel assembly (sometimes it helps to pry the brake pads apart a little with a screw driver before bringing the wheel into position).
6. BEFORE tightening any pinch bolts go ahead and fully tighten the axel nut. (If you cannot hold the axel to tighten the nut go ahead and tighten the right side pinch bolts just to hold the axel while you tighten the nut, MAKE sure you loosen the right side axel nut pinch bolts before you proceed any further).
7. Spin the front wheel and abruptly apply front brake, repeat this a few times.
8. Let off of the front brake and tighten the left side (caliper side) pinch bolts to manufacturer recommended torque rating.
9. Again, spin the front wheel and abruptly apply front brake, repeat a few times.
10. Tighten right side pinch bolt to recommended torque value.

This procedure will ensure that the front forks are parallel and that no binding will occur. Ride and Enjoy!!

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