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May 20, 2001
I am not very good about writing letters, so I will just speak from my heart. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. This was the first time my son or I have EVER done something like this, and the two of us could not shut up about it all the way back home! I'm not very good with names at first, so I wanted to say thanks again to the guys in the volvo mountian bike truck for giving me the 18" tube, and then helping me put it back in, you guys saved my weekend! I got real tired of running back and forth to the bike shops! I was also running low on funds due to that! Shifless, ( hope i got that right), you are even sweeter in person! Dhoward, thanks for putting up with us next door!
I have learned so much over those three days I spent with you all! (like rebound settings, and changing my own tire!) Wow, I could go on and on about it... so from the heart, thanks guys for giving my son amd I the great memories! We are looking forward to doing this again in the future!
P.S. for any of you that met my son, ( he was the kid dressed in yellow on the DS) what do you think about the screen name, VELCRO??? he never wanted to get off the bike, was having too much fun riding with anyone!:D


Gnarly-I'm gonna jump on this one too. Absolutely incredible time. A little rain was not going to dampen anyone's spirits! Got to meet a bunch of people this year. Too many to remeber them all, but at least with the name tags you could put a face and a name together. Here's the short list:
Papakeith-A pleasure. Took me out and spanked me on the GP course with that CR500! Of course, a z50 could've done that!
The Heartland Spodes (Bswift, Justql, Lorin, MX547)-Great to finally meet you guys. Insisted that I eat the last of their food before I took off for KC! Thanks, guys.:)
Patman-On injured reserve. Had to keep pants on and cape off all week!;) Sic'ed his Montessa on me. Dang thing bit me on the leg!
Firemedic530 & SlowpokeDennis-Great to see you guys again. Tim kept busy tending to everyone's bumps and bruises! And Dennis shouldn't be allowed to have "slow" in his screen name!;)
Dhoward-Great meeting you and the family again.
Jeff Gilbert-Hey, what can you say about a guy that gets returned by the ambulance?!;)
CAL-Good to see at least part of my old DRZ can move that fast.
Rich-As always, the fountain of knowledge. Many a free lesson was gleened!
The New Yawk gang from Long Island-Glad I passed on the tekillya!
Julius-I finally got to meet the infamous Mr. Pleaser!
Oldguy-I have a feeling I'm gonna have "The Kid's" poster on my garage wall in a couple of years!

Sorry if I missed anyone. I'm not the greatest story teller and my short term memory is all but gone! I had a great time meeting and riding with everyone. And again, an incredible job by everyone that set this up and made it happen. Words almost can't describe the atmosphere of the event. Thank you all very much for another fantastic vacation! Cheers.
Needless to say, the countdown for DW02 has begun...


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Jul 31, 2000
The team HS was incredible! I'd like to say thanks to KelvinKDX for putting up with my slowness, but hey we finished :)
I'd also like to thank Kelvin and his wife (cycledelic neophite?) for their hospitality, very nice people, feel free to email me or post if you're heading down here to richland, I'd be glad to show you guys the full route.

I'd also like to thank bill hibbs and rich and chicken head tim and dave and dennis for keeping me alive with whatever I could mooch off them, it was much appreciated.

Other people I met were Okie, Offroadr, Mully, AJ Wagoneer, BigLou, Papakeith, High Lord Gomer, MikeB, Canadian Dave, Julius Pleaser, Jaybird, motometal, Bswift, KelvinKDX and Cycledelic Neophite and their friend (butterfly?), dkb, Jeff Fredette, Senior KX Rider, The guys who camped on the other side of Firemedic530, didn't catch your names but still nice to meet you.

I'm sure there are others, but I jsut can't think right now. Was a great time and I'm looking forward to DW'02
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Aug 1, 2001

I managed to walk away from DW '01 on two feet (even though I had to tape my ankle with duct tape for two days), my bike is in one piece (rear fender is stiched on with cable ties), and I didn't finish in last place in any of the events (poker runs not included). I'd say that was a MAJOR accomplishment for someone that's only been on a dirtbike for 3 months after being off them for 20 years.

Got to meet LOTS of great people too:

SloMo and his son NoMo and Brian (friend of SloMo)>we did quite a bit of wrenching over in the slums together.

PapaKeith> grinning from ear to ear after riding that CR500AF

DKB>fellow slum camper

TreeJumper>busted cases....we tried to get you back on the track. at least we got you there for the group picture!!

DeadEngineStart>6th place in Nikki's moto!! not bad dude!!

OldGuy>invited me for dinner after talking to him for 5 min

Lots of others i'm forgetting......but it was GREAT and i cant wait till next year!!


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Sep 9, 2000
Dirtweek 01' was one of the best things i have done in quite some time. I'd like to thank the Northeast Caravan group for helping make the trip more interesting and safer by having someone around incase of trouble.

Thank you PapaKeith for swinging by and helping share the long ride. Also for helping unpack my truck. You are a good friend!

A big thumbs up to Okie and crew for planning, setting up, and making Dirtweek 01' a big hit with everyone. Also a big THANK YOU to all of the sponsors who donated goodies for us to enjoy.

Thank you to Slow Mo', Jeff Allen, and Hogwylde for trying to piece back together my broken down hunk of junk YZ! Ok, its not junk but it sure didnt want me on it this week. Between everyone there we tried our best to make it run. Between cutting down screwdriver handles to make chain rollers to several tubes of JB Weld and duct tape to make patches for the case. It didnt help that the shifter shaft was bent, the hole was big enought to see in the case, some of the teeth were missing from the front sprocket, and seat boltst and plastic trim bolts fell out. Thanks to Rich for loaning me his chain break so i could shorten my chain. No wonder the thing kept breaking? :eek: Anyways without their help i wouldnt of been able to ride my YZ to the group photo (only picture you'll see with me on it). I did have to bring a couple quarts of oil to refill the case after the pictures. With all of this i was happy to accept the Flapping Fender award in honor of Wrench! Your still the man!

Also thanks to Slow Mo for loaning me his bike so i could take my first ride on a MX track ever! Also to Sir Reel for showing me around the track and giving me my first take of what a roost feels like. It was SWEET!!!!! :p

Last but not least, the slum crew! :cool: For a bunch of unwanted campers sleeping on the ground we sure did have alot of fun. Thanks to Mully and DKB for helping me get my tarp setup in the pouring down rain tuesday. It made setting up the tent alot nicer. Plus everyone else for sharing tools, food, misc items and mostly friendship!

Well thats about it for now, i'm going to bed! Goodnite

Jeff Allen

Sep 23, 1999
Will do Dan, My wife is already buzzing around the house now!
I'm getting some info from my mother for your wife and will email them to ya.
Thanks again for the brewskis's
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