Oct 8, 2000
One of my CR tanks needs dents removed, and I heard somewhere about a guy/company who can do it without painting the tank to hide the repair (ala Vintage Iron). I think they split the tank along the factory seams and use old fender repair techniques (hammer, dolly and sandbag), then reassemble with a TIG weld at the factory seam. Does anyone know who does this?

'96 CR250R, two '73 CR250M Elsinores

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Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
I would also be interested in some one who could repair alloy tanks. I have a 1982 husqvarna XC430 tank with what looks like a vibration generated crack along its seem. No dents, just that crack.


Jun 30, 2000
Elvismx.... I've been e-mailing this guy named Bill in Clairton, PA that say's he can fix our tanks, I have a 74 CR250 and the tank looks like someone took a ball peen hammer to it. He put a note on Jeff's Vintage bulletin board that says he can repair and paint these tanks. Now, I have not sent him my tank and don't know of anyone that's used him. His e-mail address is WSekulich@aol.com
Do you know of him ??


Apr 18, 2000
I found a guy out in CA that is repairing my severely crunched Gold Star replica tank on my SR500. He's using it to teach himself how to do that kind of work. It's worthwhile, because a replacement costs $900. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Pete P.

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