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Nov 12, 1999
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Robert Rasor named new AMA president

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The Board of Trustees of the American
Motorcyclist Association (AMA) announced today that Robert Rasor
has been named the Association's new president, effective Nov. 1.
The announcement, made at a meeting of the AMA Board at the
Association's headquarters in Pickerington, Ohio, follows the
retirement of J. Scott Thornton, who had served as AMA president
since November 1999.

Rasor has been a member of the AMA staff for nearly 28 years,
starting in January 1973 as a legislative analyst. In the early '80s,
he became director of the AMA's Government Relations
Department, a post subsequently titled vice president for
government relations.

Rasor's tenure at the AMA has included several landmark legislative
victories, from the battle to stop the federal government from
blackmailing states over the issue of helmet laws to AMA victories
against bike bans in St. Louis; Springfield, Illinois; Brockton,
Massachusetts; Chicago; and other communities nationwide. He
also oversaw the AMA's effort to impose a federal ban halting
health-care discrimination against motorcyclists on the part of
companies and unions that provide insurance to workers. And he
led the fight to protect the rights of off-highway motorcyclists to
ride in appropriate areas of public lands.

In addition to his efforts in this country, Rasor holds two important
positions with the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM),
the international organization representing motorcyclists. He is the
president of the FIM's Road Safety Commission and is a member
of the Management Council, which guides the FIM's actions in all

"In choosing Robert Rasor as the AMA's president, we can draw on
nearly three decades of background in dealing with the issues that
confront motorcyclists," said Rick Gray, chairman of the AMA Board.
"Rob brings a wealth of experience to the job of running the largest
organization of motorcyclists in the world."

Rasor takes over as president during a period when the AMA has
experienced the most rapid growth in its 76-year history. In the past
year alone, the Association has grown more than 12 percent, from
240,772 members in October 1999 to more than 270,000 members

"My main goal as AMA president will be to continue that growth curve,"
Rasor said. "A bigger, more organized AMA means a stronger voice
for all of America's motorcyclists.

"In addition," Rasor said, "I will work to continue the growth in
Association benefits, making AMA membership an even-better
value than it is today."


Sep 22, 2000
Spent the entire weekend trying to understand this announcement which is quite a shock considering last months editorial.
Anything at this point is pure speculation.
I just hope that it is not a health issue with Mr.Thornton or anything like that.

Ken & Diane James
AMA Field Rep #869
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