Oct 10, 2000
Does anyone know what the AMA rules are regarding what class you race in? I have a friend who raced in an AMA sanctioned event in the beginner 250 class (this was his first race on a 250). He came in first with a fairly big lead and was told he was being bumped up to novice in the next moto. He proceeded to get smoked in the next moto. He is a naturally talented rider but maybe the beginner class that day was a little below average. Anyway, what do the rules say about moving up in class? Do you have to win a certain number of times in your class or can it be up to the discretion of the local track official?


Sep 22, 2000

Log on to the AMA website at the pages do not have their own url's so you will have to sort through the site until you find it. All the information you need is in the rule books. For the most part except at the Pro/National level the number assignments are under District juristiction.

Do a search at the website for a page on AMA Sports Rules, you can download the entire rule book or just sections that you are looking for.
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Jun 7, 1999
Most likely, the beginner classes are governed by the local district, and not subject to the structured AMA advancement rules.

In MN, the Enduro and Hare Scrambles C class (beginner) is controled by the district folks, and it is they who say when to move up based on an overall C finish points system. However, if you do well enough in C, you can get la-boot quicker. My son took overall C twice in a row last summer and was promoted to B class, even though he had nowhere near the required C class points.

Back to your bud... The bad news is that your buddy can probably not return to the beginner class. He'll just have to practice up and learn to ride with those guys. However, he shouldn't be discouraged; it's kinda hard to expect to move into the classes above beginner and do well in your first few races.

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Nov 12, 1999
i handle mx points and advancement in D-17 and all the posts above are correct the district handles the riders classification.
we don't have a beginners class so can't tell you how we do that since we don't.
but we have guidelines to go by in advancement procedures. of course this is based on the rider being truthful, if he isn't then he gets placed.


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Jul 14, 2000
I know at the track at Casey, IL. they have a "D" beginner class, and if you go out and smoke them, you will be moved the next week. Since it is not a district class , it becomes the tracks referee's decission on whether that person is advanced or not. You can't really complain if you get bumped up, because they don't have to offer a beginner class to begin with. Besides, the faster the guys you ride with the faster it will make you. So tell your buddy to stick with it and he'll end up having more fun in the faster class.

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