Feb 6, 2000
It seems that Mobile 1 ATF isn't available in my area. I called the local distributer and they said they didn't have that much of a request for it, if you can believe that.
So was wondering if Amsoil makes a synthetic ATF that I can use in my forks. If so, anyone have any experience with it? Thanks.

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Feb 20, 2001
Best place to find SuMo 1 synthetic ATF is at an Auto Zone parts store. Until I learned that, I had a hard time finding it also. I ran Amsoil Synth ATF for a while. I used it in a stock WP 43mm fork... action was pretty good for a WP fork, but it still bottomed out a lot. As for WP forks - for a full-sized man riding motocross, I consider them to be DANGEROUS until re-valved. I will never ride a stock-suspended KTM again. I sent the suspension to Jeremy at MX-TECH and it is a whole different bike. I could have saved myself three sprained ankles (caused from bottoming out) by just paying up front to have them re-worked. Fear of jumping is gone... only reason it was there is the infamous KTM botoming.

While I complain about my ankles and bottoming, I must say that the stability of the KTM probably saved me from injuring a lot more in each case.

I would be happy to hear from other KTM 380SX owners to share ideas. My bike is almost 100% dialed-in now. Email addy is in my profile.

Cary S.
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