Sep 3, 2007
Well the beginning is kind of a repost from my first thread, but here goes...

I am 17, and currently in HS. I have been riding since the age of 5 and got my first bike (PW80) for my 6th birthday.

I have owned my own bike up until last year where I sold it to buy a car. After finally cleaning up the car, I will soon be selling and buying (I hope) a Jeep TJ.

During this time, I have ridden ALOT of quads. Anything from a Kawasaki Bayou 220 up to throwing around a 400EX.

My grandfather owns several acres in Western Michigan. I ride there quite a bit when time allows, as well as riding with my cousins in the Mountains of Western PA, and even my friend's back yard in a rural part of the Metro Detroit Area.

This past weekend, I broke out my uncle's bikes while we were 'up north' and got them going again. A 1984 Honda XL200 Dual Sport and a Mint 92 Kawasaki KDX200 Enduro.

After riding 'bike again, I realize how much I miss it. The way I see it, anyone can drive an ATV over sand, logs, whatever, but the ability to cross the same terrain on a Bike just makes it all the better for me.

I am on the hunt for a bike for myself. I pondered the idea of offering to buy my uncle's KDX200. It is still VERY clean, and runs great. The odometer seems to not be working, but I have been looking into the newer Enduro computers. I love riding this bike, but there seems to be a lack of parts, and I know it is only going to be getting more scarce.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on automobiles. I am in the process of mildly restoring a 79 Corvette with my father that we purchased a few years ago and hope to finish in spring to pursue our life-long goal of traveling Route 66 during the summer before I set out for College.

Last spring, I purchased a non-running 55k mile 99 Neon basket case that I have turned into a near-mint car. I have been active in the local Neon community for some time. I am currently in the process of selling her and hopefully picking up a Wrangler (Sahara please. :D) or an XJ. Just something I can tow a bike with and take camping.

I also work at a local Bicycle shop. I began as a mechanic and worked my way up to doing sales. I would like to pick up a decently priced MTB this winter and begin ridding too.

For the future, I am pondering taking up engineering. Although cars have always been my passion, I have been thinking more and more about doing something with Motorcycles/Powersports. Is there anywhere I can go to read more about possible future prospects for such a job? I hope to one day get a good job and move to the area outside of Pittsburgh, where my family resides. It is the one place where I really feel at home. The riding up there on the old mining roads isn't half bad either. :ride:

Other than that, I just love being outdoors. I am very fortunate to have access to some great property in this state and the ability to go hunt, fish, ride, whatever.

During the rest of my life I am stuck in this suburbia hell. I do play hockey. I have been playing almost as long as I have been ridding. I have even played two years of Varsity Hockey against many Class A schools, although we are only a class "D". This fall, however, to be with family and friends, I am a ringer on my old friend's Midget AA team.

I attend a small Catholic HS at my church. About 120 kids only attend my school. We are all like family, and that's why I like it so much. It is always great knowing you have people you can depend on.

My only real problem is time. I do not have the time go to "up north" like I used to. I do not have the friends who like being outdoors like I do. My longest and best friend is my riding partner. He has access to a ton of land to ride on just minutes from my house. They also own property in northern MI just 45 minutes from our place.

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