Another reason to be proud of your KTM


Jul 18, 2001
I've been debating which bike to buy next,another CR500,a KTM 200,a YZF250,a KLX300(great handling),or a leftover KX250(lots of money left over 4 mods).Been leaning toward the 1st two. Looks like I'll be on a pumpkin when it comes time. I've been wondering if those idiots raking in all our money would realize that if we lose land to ride on, they'll have no one to sell bikes to. Looks like somebody finally has. I already do my shopping at a KTM dealer (Fun Cycles), must be time to ride pumpkin.


Jul 4, 2001
Hey EZ, Did you look at a KDX? Cant beat it for the money! I tried a KLX before I bought mine and it would not start. It also aint got no balls. Try a KDX, then decide.
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