Apr 15, 2000
Check with Dan at Jim and Jim's in Sonoma. He told me there are going to be several models from 250cc to 450cc in both Enduro and Motocross versions, all with electric start and the new motor.


Dec 6, 1999
Husky Thumpers

There is a 250 and 400 enduro model arriving around Nov. 01' according to my local dealer ( motoace.com ) .
Here's a link about the 400 which is the same as the 250 except displacement.

To view a video clip of the 250 in action;
go to; www.endurosport.de/
click- Enduro Video
click- Video Enduro WM Italian 2.Tag
click- Video ( Cyril Esquirol)

Also, he said they had a smaller 4-stroke in the works, maybe a 150, to compete in one of the small displacement classes.
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Dec 29, 1999
Husky 2002 ??

Hi !
My last informationis that Husky don´t produce now 2002 models !!!!
No money ??
Nobody knows really what happens with Husky !


May 11, 2000
Unofficially it is said that 20% of MVagusta/Cagiva/Husqvarna has been sold to the Piaggio Group.Piaggio manuafacture Vespa/Gilera/Derbi/Piaggio scooters/motorcycles.They make close to 1 million units per year.They are also bigger than Kawasaki (in units) being the fourth largest two wheel producer in the world.
This should be good news for Husky.If as much money is invested as has been in KTM over the last 6 years.Husky could become a very major player again like KTM.
Other rumors in Europe was that KTM & Aprilia could join forces.Aprilia maunfactures scooters/superbikes etc but has strong links with Austria via Rotax who maufacture most of their engines.Aprilia don't make offroaders but see the market growth(High profit per unit).KTM could provide an entry into the booming offroad market & a supply high quality engines for Aprilia.Since this rumor surfaced about 9months ago Aprilia have purchased Laverda & Moto Guzzi.Very Latest rumors flouted are that Aprilia are looking at Cannondale as the KTM deal has not come about.
KTM is looking for an industry partner but is running out of options.
Aprilia is deperate to get into the offroad market to get a slice of the action & complete it's range of motorcycles.
Coming back to Husky, many of these mergers are being fuelled by the threat of such a large group as MVagusta/Piaggio.
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