Any one know 1989 KTM's assembly torque specs?


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Nov 21, 2000
I am putting together one of (many) kids orphan bikes. It is a KTM 250 cross country version. I put in new mains and I have a new piston and the usual stuff...but I don't have a MANUAL. Any one know what to torque Nut and Bolts to assemble:

Clutch basket
Mag flywheel

and the like?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Oct 26, 1999
Mount flywheel to crankshaft; mount spring washer & tighten flywheel
nut with 54-59Nm.

Head: secure diagonally with a torque of 29Nm.

Clutch: put on inner clutch hub, mount new locking plate. Bend a
locking plate strip into the hub reces, fit the clutch holder (ring
piece over the hex nut of the primary gear) and tighten hex nut with
69Nm. Remove clutch holder. Secure hex nut of primary gear & inner
clutch hub by bending the locking plates upwards. Also bend locking
plate into the recess of the primary gearwheel.

Hope that's the info you want, anything else, email me (I find it hard to post/read here, so quicker
response direct). It's from an 88 manual, as the bike we've got is a
sort of oddball - no one ever worked out what year it is, but
whenever we ordered 89 parts they fitted, but I think the frame was
an earlier one? No matter, it did its job.:)

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