Anybody doing the Lilliputian H.S. @ Hangtown?


Feb 4, 2001
I just got a post card from the Dirt Diggers North M.C. for the 30th annual Lilliputian Hare Scrambles at Prairie City SVRA on Nov. 4th. Any body going? Anybody here ridden this race before. I am thinking of doing it, but I am thinking it will be real dusty.

angry jim

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Aug 4, 2000
I'm planning on doing that race again this year. It should rain a few times by then. The loop is very rocky in spots and also pretty tight through the bushes. The hills are all very short and there are usually some fast straights. I think this is the only race I've done where I used 6th gear for any amount of time. I've done 2 hare scrambles at Prarie City, and was very lucky that it rained before both of them. The conditions were good and the course was well marked the times I was there. Bottlenecks can be a problem in the C class. Some people were DQ'd for cutting the track last year.
Maybe I'll see you there. #343 KTM200 vet B.
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