Anyone having problems ordering from Gorr?


Mar 6, 2001
I was just wondering if anyone else have been sharing the same problems I have had with ordering books from Eric Gorr. First, I placed my order for the three books on 7/20. Eric wrote me back on 7/21 saying he'd mail the books that week. A few weeks go by and nothing. So on 8/6 I write him asking about them, and 2 days later he writes back saying that the riding techniques book is on back order and he will ship the other two books so I'd have something to read. Great, I thought, I'll get 2 of the books soon. Wrong, another 2 and 1/2 weeks go by, so I write him again on 8/29. He responds 4 days later saying that he's still waiting for the riding books, and gives me a shipping number for the other 2 books he's going to send. Well I finally get those on 9/11, and I am patiently awaiting the riding book (the book I really wanted in the first place anyways :( ). Is anyone else going through this?



Apr 3, 2001
Here try these shoes on

You are Eric and I tell you I will have your books to you at so and so day and time, because thats what I was told. (blank runs down hill).I am sure it was beyond his controll.

I bet if you order NOW they will be delivered quick.

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