ATF in fork oil and more pesky questions.


May 24, 2001
My 98 cr125 has a sort of thud feeling when landing that didn't used to seem to be there. Am I just going bigger? Any negatives to just going out on the clickers untill they are just short of the point to allow bottoming out?, is this an indication that the fork oil needs to be changed?
I am about due for a fork oil change. I was thinking, is transmission fluid a valid alternative to the more expensive fork oil? I understand the transmission fluid is like a 7 weight oil and fork oil is a 5 weight oil. Would this make the forks not compress down as fast as they should when taking up a bump. I did this on my older bike(93 kx125) with really leaky forks and just put the clickers out more and it seemed to work ok. Would this negate the performance on a 98cr125.
Eric z 180lbs 1 year rider moderatly aggerssive. 1/2 track 1/2 trail
98 cr 125 forks are modified by LSD racing back shock is stock

Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
The ATF I recomend is brand specific. Althought techincally I can't see a problem with another brand of similar chemistry I can't actually say. The ATF works well as it improves the senstivty of adjustments and adds low speed cmpression and rebound which is usely a good thing. For your specific problems Slap-downs It will not help or hurt.


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