Jul 10, 2000
a while back i took a sick spill hitting a jump when my back tire kicked out sideways...it happened again the other day but i managed to save it once i hit the ground...i was just wondering if this is because of me, or is because of the face of the jump? by the way, it happened on two different jumps, the one i crashed on it was my first time hitting it, the second one i got off the line of the jump.... also if u guys have any tips on straitening the back out id really appreciate it

High Lord Gomer

Poked with Sticks
Sep 26, 1999
While it is most likely that you hit a rut or bump on the takeoff of the jump, worn swingarm and/or wheel bearings will also cause that.

I have a tough time recovering from getting sideways, but preventing it can be helped by squeezing the bike with your legs prior to and during takeoff.


Jul 2, 2001
Hey Eleven, I know excactly what you mean. I had the same thing happen to me last weekend resulting in a huge crash. Now I'm pretty scared everytime I hit a jump. I slowed down the rebound on my shock and keep my weight back as I hit the jump. If it's muddy make sure you leave the jump face with an even throttle. I found that squeezing with your knees helps some too. Thanks High Lord Gomer.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
I've found that if I come into the jump a bit squidly, if I get on the pipe going up the slope to catch up, the tires break loose and can go sideways even if you are positioned well. If I get on the pipe before the jump and remain steady, traction is much better.

Those "ut oh whips" scare me. :)


Aug 9, 1999
My $0.02....
You should always do a parade lap the first time on a track. Look at the jump faces, catch a little air and see how they throw you.

Unless there is a kicker or rut or something on the jump face, more than likely you are not hitting the jump squarely. Was there a turn before or right after the jump?

Sometimes you subconciously lean a little anticipating the next turn, or are still leaning from the previous. Make sure the your bike is lined up straight (perpendicular) to the jump face. Also, make sure you are weighting both footpegs equally.

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