May 21, 2001
How do you jump a small bore 4stroke (xr100)? How do you make jumps? What can be used as jumps? What things on a normal powerline trail can be used to train for motocross? How do you whellie an xr 100. I know that is a lot. Help is greatly appreciated.


Dec 25, 1999
Try doing a search on jumping. You can find some good threads on technique, which would be the same for most any bike.

I make jumps using logs stacked up and then putting dirt on top. I use a garden tractor to haul everything. I built the track in a flood plain and this spring the water came up high enough to lift up my jumps. I lost all the logs that I hauled and many hours of work. I am currently working on plans for a new machine that will allow me to dig dirt and build the whole track out of dirt.

Use terraces or ditches as jumps. BEWARE OF CARS! Don't rut up a farmer's terrace either and ask permission first.

I am not sure of what is on your particular powerline trail. Just find a challenging route through it that contains lots of corners so you can practice them a lot.

Try another search on wheelies. Maybe go up a incline that levels off on top. See if you can maintain that angle while on the flat spot.

good luck


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Nov 14, 2000
Jumping on a four-stroke is pretty easy. You need to simply head up th jump with the bike accelerating that will keep the front end up. You can blip the throttle at the face to bring the front up if your not accelerating.
Wheelie's: Lean back be in first gear and hit the throttle hard It'll come up. OR you can rev it with the clutch in and Pop the clutch and lean back.

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Sep 26, 1999
Originally posted by CRGuy
You can blip the throttle at the face to bring the front up if your not accelerating.
Not a good idea with most four strokes, particularly XR100s. They usually don't have the throttle response necessary and you could be in for a free trip over the bars, including an all-you-can-eat dirt sandwich. :)


Jan 15, 2000
Jumping on the XR is terribly easy... I started out with one in 99. The biggest jump I ever did on it though was 30 feet (biggest I could find at the time) and all I had to do was find a neutral body position and hold the gas on and soak up that ever so large hit that the suspension can't. At least that was what it seemed like what I was doing, don't know if I had a hidden technique that even I didn't know about, but I have a unique style (ask Gomer).


Mar 7, 2001
The XR100 only has a little over 5 inches of very soft suspension, not really that good for jumping.

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