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Dec 27, 2000
I was curious what gear ratios some of you ran on your XR600's. I have 14/48's now and they seem fine, I was wondering what a 50 rear would be like. If it would lead to much wheel spin. Also would it burn through the gears to quickly (read constantly needing to shift) as these bikes aren't high revers. Also would I need to lengthen my chain for the bigger sprocket?

I ride mostly trails and on fire roads, with a little bit of track riding. and lots of hillclimbs.

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Jun 16, 1999
For all around, do it all gearing, I don't think you can beat the stock 14/48 setup. When I first got my bike, I tried a 52 tooth rear (try and make it better for really tight stuff), but like you said, you're constantly shifting. First gear was pretty much useless, and you ran out of every other gear awful fast.

1999 XR600R
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