Jan 17, 2001
Hi everyone! Been a long time---on 2 counts. First, since I have been on DRN, and second...since I have been on my bike!!

I hope everyone is doing well and having fun riding! No, it's not really what you think. Jennifer is now going on 16 months and is just as cute at a button! Between her and my new job, I am extremely busy. I definitely want to spend more time with her than riding.

Actually, I tore a ligament in my ankle at the end of January, and have had a very hard time getting that recovered. I finally said the hell with it and got on the bike today--my first time since November!! Whew!! I had a ball and completely wore myself out! We went to our local riding area, Buffalo Range, and went all over the park. I only dumped it once or twice and climbed lots of hills, jumped lots of logs, and kicked up a lot of dust! All in all it was a fun day! I will see how I feel tomorrow, as I am sure I will be sore. I am supposed to go back to the doctor in a week or so, and I may have to get a cortizone shot in the ankle, but we will see what happens.

In any event, I hope you all are doing well!



Super Power AssClown
Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Hi Anne! Welcome back. Glad to see you're not neglecting your G-G.


Can't Wait For Tuesdays
Mar 17, 2002
Hi Anne! Yes, welcome back! There are many of the old names you will recognize and many new.



Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
ANNE!!! :cool:

Hey chick - welcome back. Hope the ankle in 100% soon - maybe we'll see you at wardy's sometime this year. I think we might have a DRN ride there in July - I'll keep you posted.


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