best susp. mods for xr4 for $500?


Mar 19, 2001
I have an '01 xr4 and want better suspension. I am bottoming the front and back and want a little more plushness. I ride rocky trails, fast desert washes and such. I'm 6-0, 195 lbs. I'm thinking about revalving and stiffer springs in the forks. I think the rear is pretty good. How about the fork brace? Will the gold valves make a significant improvement? How much would it cost to put new gold valves in the forks, new springs,etc labor and all? Any help or experience would be great. Thanks in advance.


Jul 31, 2000
I highly recommend the fork brace. I don't know how I ever rode without it.
I would definitely get the proper springs for your weight and ability and possibly a revalve. It can be set up to work pretty darn good.


Apr 25, 2000
XR 400

First off -- gold valves will help a bit but you can just modify the stock valveing and it actually works pretty good...

My suggestion is go with 43 Kg springs w/ 6mm of preload. Washers: Leave 6 of the 4 thousands thick washers in stack.... Thus, you'll remove quote a few. Set the oil ht at 4.5 in from the top with 7.5 wt oil (or mobil 1 ATF).. That should take care of the front...

The rear is a different story though...



Dec 20, 2000
Factory Connection

For the front I did my old XR with .45 springs, (I am 200lbs) and the fork oil raised 10cc at a time until the bottoming stopped. This is a simply $100 mod you can do yourself, and it helped my a great deal. You can also do this first, then go to the next step of revalve or Gold/Delta valves easily with out wasting any money.

Here is what Factory Connection quoted me on my '98,

Revalve Forks $175 plus wear parts ($25 - $75)
Revalve Shock $170 plus wear parts ($25 - $75)
Shock Spring $90
Parts we don't know exactly until we measure and inspect to determine if
any are worn past their service limit.
The other service I would consider is black hard coating the shock
body. The stock shock body is not hard coated and can wear prematurely over
Cost is $65 (turn around time is 1 week)
The hard coat isn't essential , however is good to consider.

Totals $200-$275 Forks
Totals $200-355 Shock (includes hard coat)
Shipping $35 3 day service with Credit card
add 7.50 if COD
Turnaround time is currently 48 hours in house.

I found that for me the springs and oil height stopped the bottoming just fine.



Jun 17, 2000
Check out Drew Smith at Works Enduro Rider , he has base valve kits for the XR forks that might not require machining the post in your forks.

This would let you go back to stock if you wanted to or let you try another companies stock piston revalve if you didn`t like the kit.

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