Best torque pipe for 93 kdx200


Apr 8, 2001
I have a '93 kdx200 and want to put a FMF Fatty or Gnarly pipe or does Pro Circuit make an equivalent exhaust pipe?
What is the best pipe reed valve combination to go with for eastern woods conditions. Looking for more low end and best mid-range power.
- wfokdx200


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Apr 28, 1999
FMF and PC make Moto pipes for the 1989 to 94 KDX 200s which would have a little less off the bottom than a torque pipe and not quite as much on top as a rev pipe. Think of it as a more everywhere pipe that concentrates on optimizing mid range power. If you are looking for a torque pipe for eastern conditions you might want to give Dyno Port a call and see if they still offer one. If not then I’d suggest you modify the stock pipe and add a torque ring. You can find instructions on JustKDX.


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Apr 13, 2000

I did the stock pipe mod (as per the justKDX website) and it was WELL worth it. Save your money and go the cheap (free) route. Use the money you would have spent on the pipe and upgrade your front suspension.

I can assure you that the pipe mod is VERY easy and works very well. The directions on the site are simple to follow and should only take you a few hours to complete the whole job.


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