Bike for the vertically challenged?


Mar 28, 2001
Hi gals, I was hoping someone could help me determine which bike would be good for someone my size. I'm 4'11'(+3/8ths) and on a good day, weigh around 110 lbs. I was looking at the Honda XR100 and the Yamaha TT-R125. On a purely superficial level, I like the Yamaha better..but I welcome the advice of any of you experienced guys/gals who might have valid reasons to pick one over the other. Also, if there are any others that I should consider, let me know.

Some other pertinent info, it's been about 12 years since I last rode a bike, so I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to riding. But I don't intend to stay that way for long...

Thanks in advance. :-)
Birdgirl-Mountain View, CA


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Oct 26, 1999
Birdgirl, I think you're looking at the right bikes (I know the prejudice here is the same as yours) ;)

There's also a thread in the beginners forum which may help you as well, (something about vertically challenged I think).

Kalitude has a web page dedicated to the TTR125 - Reasons to choose the blue over the white bike:
1. better looking by far
2. more hop-ups available, meaning you'll be able to ride it longer before outgrowing it
3. better looking
4. it's not Honda (j/k)
5. it's a modern bike, i.e. pretty new on the market, well tested by a lot of women around the world (very popular here too), meaning it's not old technology
6. probably easier to onsell

1. may be harder to find 2nd hand
2. may be harder to find new
3. may be harder to get a deal on
4. if it's anything like my yz80 was, when I bent the plastic, it would leave white marks, but you can take them out carefully with a heat gun (didn't seem to last though)
5. nah, I give up

But honestly, either way you should be happy.

Welcome to DRN and welcome back to off-road riding :)

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CJ Rider

Apr 3, 2000
I'm with ya sister; 4'10" here! I had the XR100 for one season and it was fine, but then Yamaha came out with the TTR125L and THAT bike is actually easier to ride. You can advance your skills more easily and try harder things because the bike handles better. I sold my XR to a friend who is buying a TTR125L this season also since she likes mine so much. Either one is good for starting out and either one is easy to sell when you outgrow it so don't sweat it. If ya find a good deal, then go for it. If you decide to go blue, think about the TTR125L. I know you can probably touch flat-footed on the TTR125. However, the larger wheels of the TTR125L actually make it easier to go over roots and rocks and through sand. I don't touch flat-footed on mine, but the thing is so light and easy to pick up and start and maneuver that I don't even think about it.

Let us know what you decide and have some fun!

PS If you do try Kali's bike, keep in mind that she raised her handlebars to fit her and she's a bit taller than us. The ride is a little different with stock parts.

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Mar 28, 2001
Thanks for all your replies. I went and put a down payment on a TT-R125 on Saturday and will take it home in 3 weeks..I can't wait! :) Kalitude, since you're in my neck of the woods, can you recommend some less populated riding areas..I'm a bit nervous about starting out where it may be crowded with experienced riders.

Thanks again everyone! I'm sure I'll be back with more questions soon. :)
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