Apr 30, 2007
Im looking for a good bike stand (preferably a jack type not a milkcrate stand).Does anyone know a good stand that is nice and cheap?It has to be able to hold up my 230.

Steve St.Laurent

Mi. Trail Riders
Feb 6, 2006
Go to the big auction site and search on 330145212468 . I have one just like that and it works fine. I use it on my CR250's


Mar 17, 2006
the craftsman jacks work great. I have one I use for my Sportsman 500, cr250, rm125, banshee, and my brother even jacked up the rear end of his jeep with it and it holds up fine. it also has a pretty cool design where it takes the pressure off the jack when sitting for long periods of time.


Aug 10, 2006
D!rtbag said:
I saw them but i looked at the reviews, they said u couldnt find replacement parts for it anywhere! But is it a good jack? (besides for the price)?

Yea i never had an issue. Plus it is build out of steel, suckers weight is like a bike alone.. Not much to go wrong with.. You can always get bolts or make a piece of steel. Plus i believe it uses just a standard jack too.

Also dirtbikes and atv's are no problem. With Streetbikes you have to think.. Normally i remove my fairings and my exhaust on my CBRs that jack it up. Just cause that stuff is just in the way. I have jacked it up under the header with no issue to change a tire also.
It comes with a set of tie towns and places to mount them on the stand to help support the bike too.

Just looked over this and NO i don't work for craftsman. :laugh:

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