Oct 24, 2000
Well I just got back from New Vienna, and under my calis, on my hand there is blood. I know its a blood blister, but what should I do about it? My dad says to pop it, but I think I am just going to let it be! Anyways we took some pictures of New Vienna for the site! Also, New Vienna is getting a new motocross track for racing and it is going to be killer! I was the first local on the track. It isnt marked or anything, the owner and I rode around it too see how long it is. They arnt even done with it. Anyways if anyone knows what I should do about the blisters please tell!;)


Mar 6, 2001

Unless it is swollen just leave it alone. The blood will dry up and the skin will fall off. If it's swollen, pop-it.

Still happens under my left pinky every time I ride. I used to get a big one under my ring finger until I started riding without my wedding band.
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