New Vienna/MoO_Cow & TT-R/ Ride Report


Oct 24, 2000
Well just got back from a very interesting day at New Vienna! We were both planning on going to Dirt Country, but they were not practicing, so we ended up at New Vienna. Well I got there and got everything unloaded at about 3:30 or so and I am just riding around till 5 or so and then finnaly MoO desides he wants to show up (Got stuck in traffic) Well we both talk a bit and go to the whoop section. He goes through them, not very fast, but pritty damn good for a yr's riding. Well he makes his turn and comes over too me and we talk little bit more. Then he just guns his cr125 and loops totally out! I mean sideways then back over! It had to be the funniest thing, but he hurt his knee. Well we go back to the truck and he gets his drink on and we are jumping and racing, and I am always out infront :) and well going around this left hand turn MoO desides he wants to be a dirt track racer and gets the backend fishtailed and he wipes out AGAIN! He banged up his knee again. Well its about time to go home and we are riding and I jump this table top and look over too see MoO's cr125 on top of him! I ride over too him, just dump my bike and pick it off of him. He couldnt stand up for about 5 minutes and he pritty much screwed up his knee/leg! He walked it off like a champ, and packed up. Although in all the excitment I fell once and thats because I missed a gear and fell over and did the big table top for the first time! We should have video of us riding tommorow or so. Everyone lets just hope MoO_Cow gets better! Although we didnt manage to get the crash on video though! Well that was our ride review! :)

"You know your introuble when you see the landing ramp, before you land"
--TTR-250 MX--
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