Nov 9, 2003
Hey anyone please help with my problem...I have a '96 YZ125 and when its warmed up and i quickly roll the throttle it bogs at first and then screams to the moon..(11,500RPM)I bought the bike used and dont know what jetting setup came with it..is it the jetting or somthin else??By the way i just removed the engine and cleaned out the power valve and housing with carb cleaner..Please help..Also I replaced the clutch cable and lever/perch and every time i ride it, i have to push off something to get goin and i cant start it in first gear with the clutch pulled in..is it the clutch plates or basket??any way thanks for all the help to get me riding A.S.A.P..


Oct 6, 2003
Hi ya ,
Ive got the o4 Yz 125 and ithad the same problem "bogging down low".
I changed the clip position on my needle so it was leaner , but i noticed it didnt do anything down low, so ithen i order'ed my self a piolet jet which was the next size leaner thanthe stand which was in the carb.
And that fixed my problem
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