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Oct 23, 2000
Do you need to have both ends of the suspension revalved/rebuilt?? I ride a 96 RMX with stock suspension. I can not keep the seals in the forks, I have spent money and had motor work done, bars, computer, stabilizer etc and figure this is the next thing I should do but do not know if I need to do the rear end as well. Hope this is not a stupid question.



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Dec 10, 2000
Re-valving is not really neccessary unless the suspension is really unworkable in stock form (not the case with an RMX). You will get much more for your money by simply installing the correct springs for your weight. The proper springs will hold the bike up in the stroke, keeping it from riding down in the stiffer portion of the travel and becoming harsh. Unless you weigh 150 lbs. or less, that RMX will benefit greatly from stiffer springs. You should have the suspension serviced regularly, of course, as a part of routine maintenance.

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