May 6, 2003

The other day, while I was working on my bike, I took the reed block out to inspect the reeds. My reed block is stock with Boyesen Power Reeds. One of the reeds is fine, but the other is slightly warped. While the 'bad' reed is still in spec, there is still a slight gap between the reed and the block. The KDX manual has a spec for the reeds, and the reed is in spec, but I don't like the warp, at all. The warp is uniform across the reed. This is odd to me because the reeds have approximately 500 miles on them. I hope they don't wear out that fast! I am wondering if it would be kosher to flip the apparently defective reed over? Is it possible that the reed block has a defect which is causing the reed to appear to warp off the block's surface? If anyone has any suggestions about this, I would really appreciate it.




Oct 14, 1999
It's most likely sprung.

Yes, you can flip 'em over. This isn't a terrific idea due to the increased tension you'll get....and you'll be bending them 'backwards' at that point.

Your cage may be a problem. Probably not. Check it with a straight edge.

It's not an uncommon issue. I've seen brand new reeds on a brand new cage not 'meet-up' exactly. Backpressure from piston movement will seal the reeds in nominal cases.

Yes, they should fit to start with.......but often they don't.
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