Apr 18, 2001
Hi i have a 1994 kdx 200. I have an fmf pipe and silencer,airbox lid removed, and am about to ad boyesen reeds. Do I need to change the jetting? If so what are the jetting recomendations. I live in RI and have the stock jets in the carb right now.
Apr 18, 2001
I know that the justkdx website has jetting reccomendations but they are not exact. 152/155? 48/52? I just wanted to know if there were any exact reccomendations for what i have done to my bike. Thanks


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May 22, 2000
Some bike respond differnetly to jetting and some riding styles and rider preference favor slightly different jetting. Add to that variations in temp and altitude which affect relative air density and you can see why jetting is part art and part science. So its hard to jet a bke from say 3000 miles away! With boysen reeds and FMF in the 94 one of my riding partners runs a 155 main, clip in the middle and a 42 pilot (he thinks) as the weather gets over 75 or if we are going to ride above 3000 ft he will go to a 152 drop the needle one clip and fiddle with the air screw. Dollar for dollar jetting you bike and keeping track of your results is the biggest bang for the buck perfomance improvment you can make! To avoid catastrophic engine damage start out on the rich side and lean out one step at a time and do a plug chop to check the main. have fun.:cool:


Nov 18, 2000
I agree with the above posts.

My experience with jetting after adding Boyesen reeds is to go down 1 size on the main.

In general when I'm working out the jetting I start with the main changing by 2 sizes until I overshoot then back one (checking the plug as well as performance). Then play with the clip position to get a smooth transition from bottom to top, then air screw/pilot. I'm no expert that's just my habit.

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