May 13, 2001
Well, i must say, ive been having fun browsing around on this site for the past couple days now! I found this place when i developed a leaky front brake caliper, and got on the NET to see if i could find one....well, i found one, and found this place too! :)

Dont really have any good questions as of now, but im sure as the weather warms up here, ill develop a few.

Im located in Knoxville, TN Are there any of you guys around me? If so, i live in areas BEST, and i do mean BEST off road trails area(Cherokee Natl. Forest) Its near the TN/ NC border(Murphy to you NC'ers)

I look forward to seeing what all you guys/girls are doin with the DX...This is my 2nd one, as i learned to ride on a 92 model and just fell in love with the bike.

Thank you all, and ill provide my input on all that i can...All i really know is, that you mix the gas 40:1 and go racing! :) KDX's kick @$$!



Jul 26, 1999
Welcome Tony! :cool:

I'm not a Knoxville resident, but my parents own a house in West Knoxville. They live on Turkey Creek. We make many trips up there during the summer to spend time on the lake. I've been thinking about towing my bike up there with me sometime this year. I want to check out that Whiterock area. Have you been there? I've never been riding up in the Knox area, but I'd like to sometime. What's Cherokee like? Have you been to Telico?

Enjoy DRN, and start making your plans to attend the MWSF in Casey, IL in September. You don't want to miss it.


Mar 3, 2000
Timr, by Whiterock, I think you're refering to Windrock. Windrock is excellent on a 4-wheeler, but not much on a bike (mostly fireroad). I'm not sure, but I'd suspect what Tnkdx'er calls Cherokee, is just one side of Tellico. Tellico is nationally known for it's jeep trails. There's not much for bikes, but if you're looking for practice in rocks, it's excellent (everything from loose rocks that roll under you, to vertical trials stuff).
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