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Mar 28, 2001
Never mind, I just replyed to your last post about checking reeds. anyhow the bits of reed aren't going to hurt much there soft, given time the plating will fall of the cylinder walls anyway. :eek: , toss some new reeds in it and ride on. as bad as it sounds I carry a set of new pro 54 reeds with me when I go on rides far from home, went to the dunes once (4 hours away) and rode a half day then broke a reed and went home. after that they go with me in the glove box. the first 2 sets went away pretty fast the last set I put in has been in there for a while now.


Apr 6, 2000
My bike was having a periodic fit of no power/lots of power... I couldn't duplicate it for anyone... they just had to ride it for awhile until it did it. I fouled one spark plug and the bike seemed to be lacking the low-end I was used to. Just check them all the time! :)


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Dec 10, 2000
The most obvious sign is usually poor low-end power and throttle response, and seemingly rich jetting, where the jetting was just fine before. My bike starts popping in the middle as well when a reed goes. They just die from wear and tear. Soft low-end biased reeds usually last longer than stiff top-end reeds. If you ride a '01 KX 250, none of them seem to last.:p
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