Build kx125 from parts?

Oct 6, 2003
I have the chance to buy a 98 kx125 w/out engine really cheap, I've got a riding buddy with 2 bikes but I want my own. If I wait to buy a complete bike it will be 6mos or more. I can do the work myself except for jetting =) I was thinking of getting the parts and locating an engine from a 125 or 250 and slapping it together. I have found motors for fairly cheep on ebay etc. Has anyone done this? Did it work or was the project scrapped?

I used to have 7+ streetbikes at one time and was able to do 90% of the work myself and I know more now so the ability is there. Just not sure what pitfalls I may run in to. Don't want it to end up costing $3000 for a 125.


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Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
If you have the ability and tools then it's not that bad of a job. A guy I work with is always telling me about his brother in law that buys all kinds of parts of Ebay and builds bikes that he then sells.
Oct 6, 2003
That's something I wanted to do with streetbikes years ago but I just kept getting attached to them. Any tips on where to look for parts online besides ebay? Local guy wants 900 for a motor. Found a few on ebay.