buying a used 250 2 stroke Question


Jan 19, 2004
Iam new to dirtbikes and Iam getting ready to buy a used year probaly 99 or 2000 250 2-stroke. What should I look for on the bike before I buy thats important. Also, I am a freak and was thinking about getting a KDX but dont wont to get bored in 6 months. I wont to do some trail riding here in Florida, how will a 250 2-stroke work on trails...thanx for any responses I do aprechate it.


Jan 5, 2002
If you're a beginner, you wouldn't be wrong looking at a KDX. They're great bikes and would probably be the most fun on the trails at your skill level! They can even be used as a MX bike at the beginner level, just add some stiffer springs for your weight. The KDX's will require less maintenance than a 250 MXer if you take care of it and usually sell quite a bit cheaper than a MX bike of the same year. Spend less now, develop your skills, then in 2 or 3 years look into selling it (if taken care of properly for very little less than what you pay now) and upgrading if you're ready. A 250 MXer is a handful on really tight trails, especially if you're new to riding. Although more powerful, probably not the fastest in the woods with a much steeper learning curve.

PS Don't get me wrong, they're EXCELLENT bikes for riders of all skill levels, not just the beginners!


May 20, 2003
KDX is the way to go. Although there are numerous other models that fit the bill.


Jan 17, 2001
a KDX is a GREAT bike. You will really like it and be able to do far more than you think with it.


Sep 28, 2001
A KDX is a great first bike choice. As you get better, you can make it better and faster. Get the suspesion done before you start on it,9 stiffer springs , Race Tech valve package), to make it work way better.
My KDX was a bike that never did anything scary, very user friendly. The only thing is it's like the XR's, old technolgy, feeling, but the worse the trail is the more it shines!
I have a ATK 250 now and love it.
It's super user friendly, smooth power delivery, less maintenance than my ol' KDX, the suspension is 1000 times better. Plus it feels like I'm riding a 125 cuz it so light, about a ton lighter feeling than my KDX.
Before I'd buy a KDX, I take a serious look at ATK.
The dealer network my be a tad thin, but you can PHONE the guy at the factory who built your bike, order the parts, (If a dealer is more than 50 miles from you), and they'll ship the parts to you!
I had a ATK 125 last 2 years and this ATK 250 this year and short of basic maintenance stuff, (Piston/ring once a year), they never broke anything! Never let me down.
It's got like all top shelf stuff on it, (better than KTM!)


Jan 25, 2004
for a newbie i would recommend getting a thumper (4 stroke) they require less maintainence and they have better low end torque for trail riding. you will also stall out a 4 stroke alot less than a 2 smoke. any 4 stroke trail bike will do you jsut fine.


Nov 17, 2001
The KDX 200 is a very good choice. The bikes will do anything. The low end power makes the super easy to use. The low end is also much more than the 4 stroke "F" bikes.

There are stories of the top ends lasting for 10,000 miles. The power is also very nice for a beginning motocross level. I ride a YZ 250 and I spend a lot of time wishing I would have kept my KDX.
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