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Aug 6, 2006
Hey guys, I got a few questions on buying a used performance pipe for my yz125(it's an 1986). I saw one for sell and it's an fmf pipe with an fmf silencer (really good price) But it's from a 1993 yz125. It seems to be in great shape except for some small dings . My question is will the pipe still give the same power difference as it gave when it was new?? Or does it decrease when it's used... And as for the dents, will they damage the insides of the pipe?, and decrease the power/performance. But if I un-dent it will it be back to normal? I know since it's a used performance pipe I will have to probably clean it up... So what do you guys think about buying it used?
-Also can anyone please clear up this question I always had around in my mind:
*I was told, that the motor from '86-'93 will interchange and fit in the frames. I was also told that the cylinder and the head was the same and will interchange(the only difference is that I think in the 90's they became plated cylinders). So, do you think the pipe will end up fitting on my bike??


Oct 10, 2007
I know that the cylinder and piston for a 1989 YZ125 are unique to that year model. I'd be surprised if the pipe is the same for all of those years.

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