Mar 20, 2001
Read this and let Janet know if you have any comments/suggestions......

I am just starting the process to adopt Cactus Flats OHV area under the
"adopt-a-trail" program. I would like to know if D-37, or anyone else wants
to join in this process.
The local forestry wants Cabanas and picnic tables, but I don´t really want
to see all that. I´d much rather have our efforts used to improve trails,
access roads, and make riding there a bit safer for everyone. I would like
to add some public education as to native wildlife, etc to the plan that I
am writing. I personally think that educating the public "here is a picture
of Little Bunny FuFu....don´t run over him and don´t scare him"....would be
better then picnic benches and such.
Even if you don´t nessesary want to help, please feel free to give me input
on what you´d want to see there or at any other riding area.
If this works out well at Catus Flats, I am very interested in expanding the
"adoption" program to other areas.
I personally would rather work WITH local forestry then against them.

Cactus Flats is on the Lucerne side of the mountain Big Bear Lake is on.
It´s sort of near Johnson Valley, but up in the mountains.
Look just to the right of where it says "Big Bear Lake" in the lighter green
shaded area:


Sep 22, 2000
Sounds like a great plan--

becoming active stewards of trails is a wise move. :)

Capital improvements should be welcomed at every chance.

Up here in Wyoming the problem we have is that the funds earmarked for trails is consumed primarily by "snowmobile trail grooming costs1"

Once the snow is gone ---what do we have to show for all that trail fund money? :(

Now---(Yippee!) we are one signature away from having the BLM's blessing on the county to run a grader on the road into our riding area,, once that is done it can be legally recognized as a ORV area and we can apply for trail fund money before the snowmobilers spend it all.

Once capital improvements are made and in place, it would be harder for them to ever justify not funding it further.

Take the Cabana's :)
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