Cannondale bikes, any good?



Well, I used to own a Cannondale bicycle and I am wondering what the motorcycles are like. Does anybody here have one? How is it?


Glow-rwes has one. Brought it , and rode it, at the Spodefest last year. There is a picture of it in the "Spodevision" section (photos from last year's 'fest). Do a search for posts by "rwes", click on his "profile" link and send him a PM or an Email. I know he is very pleased with his bike. There are changes in the new version and I believe they are retrofitting the first bikes with some or all of these new changes, most notibly, the ignition mapping. Email rwes, I'm sure he can tell you anything you want to know.:)


Mr. Atlas
Jul 28, 2000
Also in this month's RacerX, there's a reader's letter commending Cannondale on their "You Ride, You Decide" promo thing. This guy loved it. Granted, he's just an everyday Joe like you and me. But isn't that what metters? Just goes to show that you have to take the magazine shootouts with a grain of salt.
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