Aug 4, 2001
i just bought a 86 suzuki dr125
one of the adjustment screws on the carb is missing the one closest to the front i have the part on order.
here's the question the bike runs at idle if i keep the choke on slightly . If i throttle i here a bogging noise the it dies down , almost stalling if i dont let the throttle go .I know this isn't the best way to do it but , if i put a tooth pick in the seat i get the same problem. looking at the carb it looks like it's been apart a few times. i think something else is out of adjustment or something anybody have any sugjestions .
thanks all


Master of None
Jul 31, 2000
I'm not familiar with the layout of the carb, but my advice would be to find an exploded view of the carb and identify the parts that are missing from yours, then it would be simple to order replacements. Just take it step by step and you might not have to disassemble your entire carb. Hope that helps.
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