Feb 25, 2001
Anyone run castor oil in their KTM? The local shop recommended I run Maxima 927, but I have always used Golden Spectro. The mechanic said GS burned very dirty. Just looking for some comments on various oils everyone likes to run in their bikes.


Nov 27, 2000
927 is a good oil, but, i prefer not to use it in power valved engines because of the exhaust deposits.
you will get a ton of responses on what oil to use and everybody will say that theirs is best.
the fastest ktm rider in your area runs spectro gold at 40:1
i, have tried most of the oils available and i run torco gp7 and sometimes motul 800.
i have had no problems (even during severe high rpm's) with both oils.

927 is too picky about what type of fuels it stays in suspension with...i got enough worries already without thinking of my oil migrating out of the fuel.


Dec 15, 2000
Nothing like castor oil smell in the morning to get you going. I no longer have a 2stroke but that's all I ever used. My leftover castor oil now goes in my lawn mower to kept me going.


Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
Bean oil is great if you have somebody tearing your engine down after every race and cleaning everything to like new condition. Most of us mortals though don't do that kind of maintenance schedule sooooo, stick to a good synthetic and you will have at least as good lubrication (actually better) and a MUCH cleaner engine because the bean oil (and dino goo) have such a high amount of impurities that end up as deposits on your powervalve, piston crown, head......


Dec 6, 1999
I ran Golden Spectro in my KTM for about a year on advise from my dealer.
When I pulled my pipe off, the power valve and inside of the pipe was full of baked-on crud. I quit using it after that and will only burn full synthetics.
I like and use Spectro SX now. As Patman said, 927 is good for motocrossers who rebuild their engine every few rides.


May 27, 2001
MAXIMA Castor 927

I have a '96 kx 100 that ive been rideing on with minimum mantnence done to it because i usually ride it hard for 4 or 5 hours then park it for a week or 2. It still runs great after a year or so of doing this. when im not rideing that i ride my '99 KTM 200 MX/C that i race hare scrambles on. ive benn using castor 927 for 4or 5 years now and it has yet to fail me. it burns clean because i rarely ever have had to change my silencer packing because of the oily mess golden spectro left behind before i started using 927; and gotta love the smell of race fuel in the morningl. ive also used klotz r50. it also runs great becaue it has castor in it. well thats my opinon. ive run both and i prefer 927 or klotz i thin not only ktm's but also kawies run better on 927 and its senthetic too


Dec 4, 2000
Bean Oil. Yea, I agree with Patman on this one. I remember the great smell associated with the bean oil. I race super vintage bikes in hare scrambles and don't have either the time or the parts availibality to be breaking down the motor on a regular basis. In other words, I like the smell, but not the procedures to run it until they come up with some kinds of improvements. Until then, all the riders behind me will only continue to see the dust settle as I ride ahead.
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