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Jul 26, 2002
Does anyone know if a stock xr650 has a clip of some sort on the chain to make it easier to get off? I've looked really hard, and can't find one. Next, my chain has a slight amount of rust on it from some mud I rode through the other day. Does anoyone know a way to get rid of it?

I was reading about uncorking the xr650 to get more power out of it. Everything looked really easy until I got to the part about jetting. I know nothing about jetting, and wondered if anyone had done this before, and if they had any tips. Where I have read about it, it says to go from a 125 jet, to around a 172 jet depending on altitude. The local shop said that was a really big jump in size, and that kinda worried me. If someone could kinda explain the uncorking process, It would really help me out.
I know its complicated, so don't feel obligated to help.

Thank you!
Nov 20, 2000
lost in the deserts of NM
The stock XR650R chain has no master-link.
It is a "staked link" or endless chain.
Honda advises this type of chain do to the high tourqe output.
Minor surface rust should be no problem, usually a bit of gear oil on a rag will eliminate it.
Or simply lube it with a commercial chain lube deemed safe for "o-ring" type chains.

Your friendly neighborhood Honda dealer should be familiar with the "uncorcking" process on the 650R.
And no, it's not really very complcated.
Basically you:
1- remove 2 plastic resrictors from the airbox.
2- replace the stock rubber intake manifold with the optional "power-up" Honda part.
3- replace the stock muffler insert -w- the "power-up" unit.
4- rejet the carb. 68s pilot jet, needle -w- clip in 3rd position, and anywhere from a 170 to a 180 main jet depending on your altitude.
(im running a 170 in mine. NewMexico "high desert")

For more info check this out.

Uncork that lil bugger and enjoy! :yeehaw:
Have fun and ride safe! :thumb: