Oct 21, 2018
Hi All,
I've been battling to get my sons PW50 started, so far I have changed the ignition coil, spark plug, ht lead and still nothing.
I have taken out the plug and earthed it against the crank casing and can see a good strong blue spark but it just won't run.

After around 30 odd kicks it still wouldn't go so I immediately took the plug out to find it bone dry, I expected it to be soaked in fuel but it was just dry.

I checked fuel was getting into the carb which it was, so I bought some carb cleaner and and cleaned it up, still nothing.

I then bought a cheap carb off ebay and still have the exact same issue, kick it all day long but still won't start, still the plug is bone dry.

Now I'm thinking I should suck it up and pay £182 for the genuine carb from my local yamaha dealer, are cheap carbs no good, does it sound like that could be the problem?

Does it sound like this purchase il likely to cause the issue? Just need the bike to run for another five months until he's ready to upgrade to a ktm, he's only five and recently started riding and is/was starting to really get on with it, poor little lad hasn't been able to ride for weeks!!!
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