Check this out what 's next????????


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Nov 12, 1999

This factor here could be the fastest way for the government to shut down 50-60% of the riding/racing in this country.
We really need to watch our government, not to mention how important it is to voice your opinion in a intelligent matter when things like this come up.
Further more when this women goes for relection I would suggest that anyone that can get invovled do what ever is needed (legally of course) to make sure she does not retain office.



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Nov 21, 2000
Isn’t that story related to the problems that KawiKX125 was having?

This “protect people from themselves” crap has gone far enough.
Mar 13, 2001


What next? Are they going to outlaw bathrooms (the #1 most likely place for accidents, period)?!

So we want to take away another sport that youth can participate in thereby increasing the growing ranks of prebubescent fat (_|_)s!
<Sarcasm Mode>What a great idea!<Sarcasm Off>

In "Number of the Beast" Robert Heinlien wrote about a society that had a "day they killed the lawyers" at some point in the past and had learned to exsist w/o them. At some point one begins to believe that we may have to do something similar in this country. Kill all the lawyers and start over again from scratch. Busy bodies and people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions are KILLING this country (and several others, e.g. most of Europe).


The only thing we have to fear is. . .

. . . our government.


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Mar 9, 2001
That to me is scarier than the earth first plot. That is abuse of power and the law


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Jul 3, 1999
I do not know what to think, well this is suppose to be the land of the brave and the home of the free. Lets get going, can anyone get her email of phone number? Lets get these things then drowned them with calls! Closing land is one thing (and I don't like it) but using children is way too much!

Get the numbers, hers and the town council and local government maybe the Senators (they love to uncover underlings misdeeds). And TELL them that we will not stand for it! Then tell them why! I'm really not very militant but J#&*#@& C$%!@#$ what is next!

Sorry, but I love my kids and they need our support to keep them free to do a simple thing like ride a dirt bike!



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Nov 20, 2000
lost in the deserts of NM

Yes, lets get some e-mail adresses and let this "female dog"
know how we feel!!

I am so, SO glad i grew up in the 60's/70's!


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Apr 13, 2000
Unbelieveable that they would throw that in with selling and mol***ing children


Jul 26, 2000
This is insane! I'm really angry when people throw this crap out in public. At what point does govermental control over step it's boundries? The last time I checked, this was still the United States of America not China or Iraq!!! I wonder what is happening in this woman's district while she's spinning her wheels trying to make her world safe from Motocross!


Jun 2, 1999
i dare her to try to convict the first one... it'll hit the supreme court very shortly after and the whole case will be thrown out as blatant and outright abuse of power. with it the parents should sue HER(not the state) for damages and slander in a civil court... i think a few million will shut her up.

go ride.


Sep 22, 2000
That's the problem dual-sporter, someone would have to be willing to risk losing everything to take the time off work to go to court--spend the money--etc.
They know that not to many people can afford to fight this in court so everyone just complies and we all lose!


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Sep 17, 2000
That is terrible wardy,ya know they say kids are already so overweight and unhealthy and the trend is getting worse,I know i have abro whos 20 who is a couch tata..These people just like to whine and B*TCh is all.Like what are they gonna do take all the sports away from kids that hurt them and turn them into overweight sissies.I know why dont we give them all donuts and all sorts of bad stuff.Pretty soon adults wont be able to ride either.this woman is an out of control freak and out of her league, who is she to tell me as an adult or parent what I can and cant do for my kid.There is alot of bad stuff going around like there is a Bill there trying to pass in Nj that if I get hurt doing something daring outside of work my insurance wont cover it.Does that go for the insurance brokers too that want this law passed when they go down the stairs on there kids skateboard or rollerskates and break every bone in there bodies?I am sick of having all these people save me from myself,This is not china people,I have so many people like this at my church,and the health freaks who believe in this herbal stuff too there just as bad,oh my god its so annoying to hear them go on and on. Get some nuts already.I just feel this has gone to far,If i wanted to be safe Id be a 200 pound overweight sponge cake to,but i dont,Lets just hope none of these groups decide to get together on none of this new Age BS.Last but not least I have nothing against large or overweight riders and people,Im stating the facts cause there is always some 1 who takes something to heart over nothing because I am a 6 ft 130 pound male sticker figure,that sometimes I think my bike holds me up .lol



Jan 27, 2000
If you think this can't happen, just remember what happened to the ATC's, (three wheelers). Kids were getting hurt on them and now they are no longer being made.

I personally feel that the three wheelers were dangerous, but I am getting very tired of people like this woman telling us what is best for us and our kids.

If anyone can get an address or e-mail address for this person, please post it. Maybe someone could also find an address to send some letters to the Milford local newspaper, letters to the editor.



Nov 3, 2000
i was able to get this info-
mary m.galvin
states atty. office
po box 210
milford ct.06460
the guy i bought my bike from told me he and some friends were riding the powerlines somewhere near middletown ct. and stopped for a rest when a ticket totin dep type they mistook for a hiker walked up and started handing them out,including one to a guy who had his son(13-14?)with him for contributing to the deliquency of a minor!

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Nov 12, 1999
this type of thing starts happening more and more......we as a group have to voice our opinions against this stuff! AMA will of course, but we as individuals need to smartly address any issues like this.


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Ivan Liechty

Aug 18, 1999
This is why SC is trying to pass a limited liability law that actually puts in law that when you ride you ride at your own risk and cannot sue the land owner or manufacturer unless they were blatantly trying to hurt someone.

We have had it submitted in the Senate and the House of the SC legislature. We have put a lot of time and talking with law makers to get this in the works. I have a good feeling that it will pass. It took 3 years and a lot of hard work by people more passionate then me.

Like Wardy says... it has to come from the local level.

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Apr 8, 2001
This is great. We dont need our kids hanging around in an adult controlled environment. I would much rather see a bunch of kids hanging around the streets, causing trouble, doing drugs, vandalism. All the things kids do when they have nothing else.
Child molestation, risk of injury, give me a F@#$in break. What about all the infants that fall out of windows. It seems that going to school is getting pretty darn risky with all the shootings, maybe we should ban them too. I think all cars with airbags are a risk to kids in the front seat.
What ever happen to private property. So much for a free country and rasing your family as you see fit.
Has anyone ever falled out of a tree. I think trees are pretty damn risky. They should be all cut down. Wouldn't that just piss them off!!!!

Oct 22, 2000
I sent off a letter to the State Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal. I hope he reads it and thinks about the type of people he has working for him.

Dear Sir,

I realize that I am not, nor have I ever been, a resident of the State of Connecticut, but I read something today that disturbs me a great deal and I would like you to shed some light on this subject if you would.

In the article that I read, a woman from your office by the name of Mary Galvin, has said that she intends to prosecute those who allow their children to ride off-road motorcycles under a law that was designed to protect children from child molesters and the like. If this is true, it is the most underhanded and Un-American act that I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

Here is a quote from the article:
"On January 3, Mary Galvin, the state’s attorney covering the Milford area, sent a letter to the club saying that use of the track by minors would be considered a felony under a state law that was passed to punish those who engage in child molesting and the selling of children. She has decided that a part of that law prohibiting adults from putting minors at risk makes motocross a crime."

If this is an example of the sorts of people that are in power and running roughshod in the state of Connecticut, I, for one, will never visit there let alone move there. These types of tactics are what is destroying the fabric of America. As a veteran of the United States Air Force, it pains me to see the freedoms that I fought to protect, eroded by crooked politicians and corrupt lawyers. I hope that you do not subscribe to this domestic terrorism being wrought on the very people that you and your office are sworn to protect and to serve. If this article is telling the truth, then certain people in your office are attempting to take parenting out of the hands of the parents and give it to the aforementioned politicians and lawyers.

We might as well cut down every tree in the country for fear that a child might climb one and get hurt falling out of it. Children get hurt no matter what they do, whether it be sports or even walking down the street. It is a natural part of growing up. Heck, as a child, I used to always fall out of bed. Did this make my parents criminals? Children allowed to ride motorcycles in organized events are safer than they are in their own homes. The are made to wear the best protective gear that money can buy, and they are watched closely by their parents and other adults while they are riding. Where do we draw the line? As far as I am concerned, it is more a crime to allow kids to play in the park unsupervised by an adult. What if they were to fall down and break an arm? Would their parents be felons also? Under Ms. Galvin's definition they would be. Will it stop when all of the parents in the State of Connecticut are locked up for crimes against children?

I apologize for rambling, but I can not stand idly by and let people like Mary Galvin take away our rights as Americans in a STILL free America.

Leiv T. Arnesen (a concerned, American parent)

Why? Because new bikes are just too damned expensive!

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