Jul 10, 2007
Hey all,
1970 Yamaha At1 125 enduro
The bike had 350 miles on it when I pulled it out of a barn. I pulled the carb and rebuilt it and it fired right up. At the time the clutch wasn't engaging, so when I went to put it in gear it would stall out and be stuck in gear, wheel locked with the clutch pulled in . I rocked it back and forth and broke it loose. Since then I've ridden the bike about 150 miles with no problems (except an occasional trouble getting it in to neutral). One problem that has started up is when I'm hard on the throttle in third to fourth, the clutch starts to slip. I know there is a screw to adjust the clutch, I messed with it when it was frozen. Anyone know which direction I should turn it and how much, where it should be set?


May 10, 2007
Turn the screw toward the lever. There isn't a certain position to set it at, that depends on the condition of the clutch.


Oct 21, 2006
Sounds like you need to replace your clutch disks, unless you have no free play at the clutch lever. I just bought new disks for one of my ct1s it uses the same clutch as your 125, my local yamaha dealer was able to get them in just a few days cost was about 40 bucks. Replacing the disks is an easy job but a manual helps.


May 19, 2006
As they said, you should have some free play in your clutch handle before it starts to pull the clutch. And that means your clutch is fully engaged. High speed slippage is the first sign of worn clutch plates. Next, you have no engagement at all. Warm up the bike and change the transmission oil. You need to do this anyway, if you haven't. If that doesn't help--and honestly, it probably won't-- replace the clutch plates.
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