Compression and Rebound on Rear Shock


Feb 3, 2004
Spent some time this weekend cleaning up and doing some maintenance on the 2002 KDX220. I do have a couple of questions on the rear shock and on the rear swing arm.

Any good starting places for setting the rebound and compression on the shock? I weigh 195 lbs and am about 5'11" and am a beginner rider. I have ridden maybe 10 times on the bike so far and am much more comfortable on it now - actually got "big air" as my son said (maybe2 feet off the ground). I set the sag to 3 5/8ths and it is much stiffer than before. Doesn't "sag" as much as before when I sit on the bike which is the point I guess.

I set the rebound 8 clicks back (standard from factory is 14 clicks) and set the compression also 8 clicks back (standard from the factory is 16 clicks).

My front forks are still factory and I know I need to change them. Any adjustments I should make to them in the mean time?

Finally, I went to regrease the swingarms and have a question. Do I have to remove the the grease seals and needle bearings to do what is suggested here on this forum - to grease the swingarm right after buying the bike cause Kawaski must use very expensive grease? Do I need a special tool to do so? Or, do I only need to remove the swingarm and apply plenty of grease to the inside of the needle bearings and and the outside of the sleeves?

Thanks everyone



Jan 30, 2004
Here are a couple of sites with some good reading on suspension set up and tuning.

As JasonWho said "I would clean out the old grease before applying new grease. Reports are that they come from the factory with too little grease." The last part is an understatement. Mine had zero grease. The needle bearings are pressed in, so as long as they're in good shape, just clean and re-grease. Use a good quality grease. While your at it, don't forget to grease the steering stem bearings. They were also "forgotten" from the factory.


Mark W

May 12, 2004
Tools and Jason

1. I weigh 195 buck naked - not that you wnat to know that.

2. I am riding anything that is easy - mx tracks, some small trails and I plan to ride some more traisl that are probably a little tougher than were I have been riding. I haven't ridden much where good suspension would make that much of a difference I would guess.

I'll check out the links provided. Can I do this job without special tools, any homemade solutions.

Finally to Jason. You into acoustics by chance? I had a program here at work that was one where Ihad to educate many people that the word is damping, not dampening. Got old after awile.

Thnaks guys -


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