Oct 28, 1999
Having ridden 2 stokes (KDX200) for a long time, what would be my best bet in terms of 4-stokes.

1) How does the hp figures compare between the Yammy, DRZ and KTM. (I hear a aftermatket exhaust on the DRZ really makes a BIG difference)

2) Which one is better suspended, and feels the lightest ?

3) Where I live, the DRZ is probably 15% cheaper than the others. Why ?


Apr 23, 2001
1) Yes, the Aftermarket Pipe for the DRZ makes a big difference but it's still not going to hang with the Yammy (WR426f) or KTM (EXC520)! The Yammy does not have the sheer grunt of the KTM but it does not fall short in top speed and makes decent power all over. The KTM is the strongest of the three but also the most expensive and here in good old SA the KTM parts are very, very expensive.

2) The Yammy suspension is set up for racing and you can even take it for a fling around the MXtrack, it likes to be ridden hard. The KTM is setup softer for Enduro/trail riding. The Suzuki suspension is set up overly soft but has the relaxing ride-all-day feel. The KTM feels the lightest.

3)If you want a serious racing bike (Yammy, KTM) you must be willing to pay for it. Sure you can make the DRZ competitive (new cams, suspension, pipe) but it is going to cost you about R15 000.
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