Apr 16, 2007
I was just cleaning up the 440 I have and I had it running. I noticed there was a clear tube going into the crank case/Tran area. Is there supposed to be coolant or oil running through it? And if I want to drain and change the coolant how do I do it and what do I use? Please help, I would like to do it right the first time and not screw up my bike. Also how do I adjust the fuel mixture, I had to turn a screw between the air cleener and the cab three turns to the right to keep the bike ideling but it sure smokes alot even after I warm it up. It is a 2 stroke. :think:


Jun 13, 2005
The tube is your crankcase breather. Nothing is suppost to be flowing through it. To change your coolant unscrew the 8MM bolt on the water pump on the right side of the motor it will have a copper washer on it, make sure you take the radiator cap off when you drain it. When you put coolant in it just put the 8 mm bolt back in and fill the radiators to the top if you dont have pre-mixed coolant then mix it probably to 50:50 distilled water and coolant. To tell if its a fuel mixture screw or an air mixture screw is to see what side of the carb its on if it on the motor side then its fuel if it on the air box side then its air mixture. Turn it all the way in and around 1 3/4 out. Run your fuel:oil ratio at like 40:1 and clean your plug then give it a go.

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