Aug 24, 2016
Was riding on the trails with my 2004 CRf100F when i heard a weird clicking noise, almost a tinking noise coming from my bike when id hit some bumps, only occasionally. It sounded like it was coming from the front of my bike by the front tire. When i got home i inspected the bike, nothing was loose. Checked suspension which is fine. Then i turned the front wheel all the way to the right hard and i heard the sound again, now it sounds its coming from inside my back rim... or in the back brake. It isnt my chain or my spokes. If anyone has any ideas about the sound id appreciate it if youd share


Dec 31, 1969
Hopefully someone comes along that will have some help for ya. Gotta say, I've never heard of something like this. That may not be saying much, but seems odd that the noise would move to the back.

I assuming when you turned the front all the way to the right, you had the wheel spinning?
Does the ticking happen when you turn it all the way to the left?
Was the bike running when you did this?
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