Engine makes a very squeaky noise when kicking

Nov 28, 2018
Im out of ideas.

I started my bike earlier today. Ran ok. Turned the idling screw back and forward, eventually the bike died. After a long time i got i started again, after 50 seconds i throttled and it died. Since then i have not gotten it started, it doesnt seem to work. You know when you are kick starting your bike you can hear that it will soon start, well i can't hear that.

The engine has just been rebuilt and i have yet to drive it. I tried checikng the ignition plug and when i pushed down the kick it made a weird noise. I have checked for false air. The only time it doesnt make that noise is when i cover the filter with my hand.

Has anyone else experience the same?


Jul 29, 2000
South America
ha! nice noise. is the cylinder dry? does your gas have oil mixed in with it? does the noise happen with or without the plug in? does it happen on the up stroke or down stroke? replace the plug and clean out the caruretors float bowl and stick into the two jets small wire like the twist tie on bread. that is to clean them out , especially the small idle jet which can easily get clogged. you might want to put a filter on the fuel line.
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