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Jan 4, 2000
Just want to tell you guys the banquet went great. Wife and I both loved the food.

Jay's idea to hold the awards in the seperate room was a great idea.

Now if you can control the rugrats...


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Oct 13, 1999
Ditto... and congrats to Offroadr, wardy, kdxdoctor, jsned and all the other DRN'rs who received an award.

BTW - When are you going to post that pic of AJ wearing a tie?

AJ Waggoner

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Nov 5, 1999
Hey I wore a suit one year did Wardy believe it or not!!

It hasnt been that long ago that I had to wear a tie fairly often for work.
..can't say as I miss it much though

I'm glad you guys had a good time!!!!
and congrats on the good finishes this year!


Ready to bang some trees!
Jan 4, 2000
Originally posted by AJ Waggoner: did Wardy believe it or not!!

Yes I heard the 'Guido' story


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Nov 12, 1999
the kids have always been a real situation. we have as a board in the last ten years, sent letters, asked them at the hall, going out in the crowd and talking to them, and many other things to try to get the parents to have the kids settle down or at least not run loose and wild all nite. Now granted last few years we haven't had any damage (thankfully) since 4 years ago d-17 wasn't welcome at that hall and we had to pay damages and the like. ONe of the reasons for jay's recomemdation and my support was to seperate the awards to the other room to make more fun for the recipeints.
ALL in all it seemed to go well, little more tweaking and it can be really cool.
glad everyone had a good time.

one thing about the banquet and the whole deal is that alot of it is about the kids, its just a pain when people show up and think that they can let them run and jump on everything, touch everything and romp like its a playground at recess? Thing i won't ever be good at is a babysitter......hmmmmm

there is a reason stays home on that nite so far, i haven't figure out how to slow him down in a smaller area think what kind of speed he could get in there!

"don't wake me.......I am working."
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