Jul 24, 2003
Sorry to bug everyone just looking for help and advice. I have a 1997 rm 125 and want it to look great. I see all kinds of cool decals but the are mostly for the 2000 and up. The question I have is ..are there any ways to get a newer decal set and make it work on a older year?? Example.. 2000 shroud and tank stickers on my 1997?? now I know that the plastic shrouds can be replaced with 1999 but that is as far as I know. Also just wondering I see rear fender decals that are made by like factory effex and n-style that have the different brands on them . Is this a bad idea to put on my bike?? I just don't want to go to a track looking like a copycat. Or is it better to just put single stickers on it?? Thanks for all of the help.


Timmy Timmy Timmy!
Sep 24, 2000


Sep 4, 2003
the graphics from n-style and factory effex are cool. i think it makes the bike look more like a racing bike. and what is this guy talking about a 77 yz for, i thought it was a 97 rm?

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